Clinton “tried” to get Bin Laden


Last Sunday, former President Clinton allowed Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace to ask him a few questions without restriction as to the content. Weather Clinton expected it or not, he was questioned about his failure to find and kill Osama Bin Laden. Clinton’s response was heated at best. He defended himself by saying “at least I tried”. But more than that, he let his temper get the best of him, using several derogatory terms, such as “neo-con”; he attacked the ABC movie The Path to 9/11, calling it false; he then focused his anger at Wallace commenting on a “smirk”. Wallace denied he smirked, saying it was a look of disbelief on his face. 

Clinton acted totally inappropriately for the situation. He was asked about his efforts to kill Bin Laden, but spent more time attacking President Bush’s efforts in the war on terror. He also used insulting terms, and made false accusations against the Bush administration. Take for example his comments on the war in Afghanistan; he stated that Bush sees Afghanistan as “one seventh as important as Iraq”. I am going to assume he was referring to troop levels in each country. The truth is that there are one-seventh of the troops in Afghanistan as in Iraq, but that’s because the soldiers there have a much smaller task to complete. You judge: 1) Killing terrorists, installing a democracy, training a completely new army, keeping the peace, and repairing infrastructure with 2) finding Osama Bin Laden and conducting patrols. Yes there are fewer troops in Afghanistan, but that’s because they don’t have as much to do.


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  1. Afghanistan isn’t exactly peaceful: there are still terrorist attacks and infrastructure to repair, it’s just that the British are doing a lot of it.

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