Immigration: What America Needs

As part of my new America’s Call for Action 2007 campaign, I asked readers to agree to e-mail their local representatives in the House and Senate on January 3, 2007, the day the new Congress is seated. I stated that Congress needs to pass “serious immigration reform.”

I want to take a second to expalin what “serious immigration reform” is:

Secure the Borders: In the special AudioBlog, in which I launched America’s Call for Action 2007, I stated that “America must know who is coming into our country.” I stand by this. Securing the borders is the most crucial step in solving the illegal immigration problem in this country. It’s not just illegal immigrants either, although they are the larger problem, it’s also about terrorists. If a poor migrent worker, with no intention to harm American’s, can cross our border, so (in my opinion), can a terrorist who intends to kill thousands with a chemical or nuclear weapon.

Punish Employers who hire Illegals: When demand is reduced (or eliminated), supply will also reduce or be eliminated. We need to make it so that no illegal aliens can get into the U.S., and we need yo make it so no illegal wants to get into the U.S.. If you stopped all hiring of illegal aliens, banned them from owning homes, getting drivers licences, or receiving welfare; and if you said that no illegal alien, or child of an illegal alien, may receive a U.S. education, do you think thousands would still try to cross the border? No, most would not. If they can get a job, a home, an education, welfare, or legal status, why would they risk their lives to come here?

Establish a Guest-Worker Program: Along with stoping the passage of jobs to illegal aliens, we must recognize that there are simply not enough American’s willing to do the jobs usually held by illegals. Most American’s are not willing to work in fields, picking fruit, for twelve hours a day. That is why I beleive we need a Guest-Worker program. A Guest-Worker program would provide a limited number of work visas to those who want them, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Those who receive Guest-Worker visas whould be allowed to enter the U.S. for a limited period of time (usually during the harvest season), and would be allowed to work at an assigned employer(s). They would then be required to return to their country of origin. If they desired, they may apply for citizenship while they are here.

Reform Immigration laws: Our immigration laws need a serious overhaul. America cannot allow a high-speed flow of illegal immigrants, many of whom are un-educated and un-skilled, to enter this country and remain here. Serious reform of our system is needed, and that includeds the following: 1) Eliminate citizenship for children of illegals. One of the largest problems of illegal immigration is when aliens enter the U.S., have children, and then refuse to leave. We MUST eliminate the “Anchor-Baby” style of immigration. 2) Immigrants entering this country should be required to know English. America is an English-speaking nation, and it is in the best interests of the country to have one, single, unifying language. Immigrants should also be required to take and pass a U.S. history and U.S. civics test.

Immigration is a crucial issue in this country, in my opinion, it’s second only to terrorism and war. The immigration system in this country is broken and in desperate need of repair. Becuase of this, I urge every reader to join America’s Call for Action 2007, and e-mail their Congressmen on January 3, 2007, and let them know what America needs. Please visit the appropriate page on the blog, and the forum section, and email me at if you want to be part of the campaign.

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