Allen? Rice? McCain? What About Thune?

We aren’t even through the 2006 midterm elections, yet rumors are already flying about who will seek the Presidency in 2008. In fact, both parties already have announced candidates, although none of them are considered serious contenders for the nominations. The most likely nominee on either side will probably not announce their candidacy until early 2007 or later.

On the Democratic side, former First Lady Hillary Clinton seems to be the front-runner. On the Republican side, there are several possibilities. These include Secretary of State Rice, Senator John McCain, and Senator George Allen. The problem is, many of the potential Republican Candidates face major obstacles. For example, McCain is a force to be reckoned with, yet he will be near 80 years of age in 2008, and likely too old to seek win the Presidency. Other candidates, such as former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, are considered too liberal on social issues. Giuliani himself is pro-choice and pro-gay right, issues that could seriously damage his candidacy. The other problem seems to be baggage, both of the political and personal variety. George Allen, for example, is facing allegations he used the “N” word in high school.

 Despite all this, I believe that the Republican Party has a good chance of running a strong candidate in 2008, and either running an extremely close race, or quite possibly, winning the Presidency. John Thune is a first-term Senator from South Dakota, and has previously held office in the House of Representatives. Thune unseated minority leader Tom Daschle in the 2004 election, something that has not happened in 52 years. Thune is a Conservative who is the role model of a good Republican. He is a strong proponent of family values, openly opposing abortion and gay marriage; he supports fiscal responsibility, including requiring a ballanced budget every year.  I won’t run off the whole list, but I do encourage you to visit his Senate website. As of yet, Thune has not announced his intentions for 2008, but I believe that he would be an excellent choice for the Republican nomination.


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