Democrats should just Shut Up.

For the second time in one week, I have come online to post about a Democratic Senator or Senate Candidate making a stupid comment. It seems that Democrats are determined to throw the ’06 election by themselves, forget letting the Republicans win on their own, Democrats are trying to help. The first comment was by Tennessee Senate Candidate Harold Ford Jr., who remarked that “Republicans fear the Lord, Democrats fear and love the Lord.” Now, it’s John Kerry’s comment about the troops in Iraq. I am sure everyone knows what I’m talking about, its only been on every major news program for the last three days.

Look, I am not one to know weather or not Kerry misspoke or if he intended to insult American troops. I would like to hope it was a slip of the tongue, but Kerry’s record on this issue is against him. Many have not forgotten his remarks about the Vietnam War, while troops were still fighting there. If Democrats really want to win, they may be better advised to just shut up, becuase they certainly not helping their own cause.


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