AudioBlog for Election Week


Well, Its election week, and I have created my final pre-election day AudioBlog. This one is a bit long, and was supposed to come in two parts. However, the second part is not short like I had hoped it would be, and I was unable to host it due to size. So, as a compromise, I have included the transcript of part two.

>>Listen to Part One<<

 Part Two

Inevitably, there are going to be people in the country who are asking the question “Why should I vote for the Republicans?” This is understandable since, in my opinion, the Republicans biggest failure is in the advertising area. The Republicans are falling behind in spreading their message. So, taking that into account, I will present to anyone who is listening, 7 reasons to vote for the GOP this year.


Reason #1: DEMOCRATS DON’T HAVE A PLAN. Can you tell me what the Democrats stand for? Because I really don’t know. The way I see it, the only thing Democrats are for is what ever George Bush is against. It is a very poor decision to vote for a party that doesn’t stand for anything.


Reason #2: REPUBLICANS SUPPORT LIFE. The Democratic Party as a whole supports abortion and Embryonic Stem Cell Research. Those are two policies that harm this country and prevent life from existing. Both of those policies have alternative that are much better. Children can be given up for adoption rather than being aborted, and other methods of Stem Cell Research have much more promising results than Embryonic. Also, Frozen Embryos can be adopted and raised as healthy children.


Reason #3: REPUBLICANS SUPPORT TRADITIONAL VALUES. Republicans have worked very hard recently to protect traditional American values. Republicans have worked to define marriage, protect the American flag, and protect free practice of religion. Those are three thing that Democrats seem to object to.


Reason #4: REPUBLICANS SUPPORT THE MILITARY. I will be the first one to admit that the current administration has made mistakes in Iraq, and for that it deserves criticism. However, are we as a country willing to turn congress over to the party of John Murtha, who said American troops terrorize Iraqi women in the night? Are we willing to turn congress over to the party of Howard Dean, who said that the President betrayed this country by invading Iraq? Are we willing to turn over congress to the party of John Kerry, who has said that uneducated or undereducated people “get stuck in Iraq? Are we willing to turn over congress to the party of “cut and run”, are we truly ready to give congress to a party who will give Iraq to the Terrorists?


Reason #5: REPUBLICANS ARE STRONG ON TERROR. You know, it amazes me that some Democrats seem to care just as much about the treatment of terrorists as they do about dead civilians. Here is an Idea, why don’t you ask the victims of the 9/11 attacks how they feel about the treatment of terrorists, why not pose the same question to the victims of the London attacks, or the Madrid bombings? Heck, why not extend the question the victims of the Bali Bombings or the victims of the hezbullah rocket attacks? Oh, I forgot, you can’t ask them, because their DEAD. They were murdered by the Islamofashist thugs were are currently fighting. Unfortunately, this is war, and in war, people die, and either we die or they die, and personally, I hope they die.


 Reason #6: REPUBLICANS ARE STRONG ON THE ECONOMY. This one couldn’t be simpler. Ask yourself, do you want to control your money, or do you want the government to control your money. If you want your own money, vote Republican. If you think government should control your money, vote Democrat.

 Reason #7: GUILT BY ASSOCIATION. This is the one reason that many people probably don’t notice. This applies particularly to Democrats like Harold Ford, who is almost moderate enough to run as a Republican. Ford is someone I could actually stomach in congress, but a vote for Ford is also a vote for John Kerry, and Nancy Pelosi, and Ted Kennedy, and Hillary Clinton, and Barbra Boxer, and John Conyers, and Harry Reid. A vote for Ford mean that you are willing to accept not only Ford, but also all of the Democrats who would become house leadership, and all the Democrats who would control the comities. That’s just the way it is. There is no way around it.


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