Taking Back America

Ok, I’ll give conservatives (including myself) a week to lick their wounds and throw their fits. We did indeed loose both houses of Congress. However, just under twenty-four months until election day 2008, and its time to get ready.

Firstly, Republicans need to dismiss their marketing staff. Republicans had no excuseto loose Congress. They produced results in line with the party position, in a country that is still conservative. Secondly, Republicans need to clean the party of all the political scum and ilk that caused us to loose, ex. corrupt senators. Thirdly, Republicans need to get back to the base that sent them to Congress in 1994 and kept them there for twelve years. Republicans moderated too much.

America is not lost. Nor is the chance of taking back Congress in 2008. We have another 33 senators up for re-election, 435 Congressmen up for re-election, and the 2008 Presidential Election. We need to gain one or two seats in ’08 in the Senate to get back the country (two if Dems win the White House, one if they don’t). In the House, we need to gain about 28 seats, should be easy enough to get, considering we lost that many this year, mainly to Democrats running not on issues, but on the “they did nothing” platform.

 I would advise all conservatives to really read up the local races comming up in ’08, and each person should begin choosing their favorite for the Presidential nomination. OVer the next couple of weeks, I will introudce on the Blog the official position on all major issues. This will help to determine which candidates I will endorse in the 2008 election. I have also joined “America’s Victory 2008”, a conservative group dedicated to getting back congress and returning to the Republican priciples on life, immigration, economics, marriage, family, and several other topics. If you are interested, I suggest you look into joining by going to www.rightontheright.com. Justin has set up a way for you to email him and receive access to the group.

America is not lost, neither is 2008. Victory celebrations are just put on hold.

Matt A.


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