Victory is at hand

Since 2005, I have said that the Iraq War would be a non-issue in 2008. Since early this year, Iraqi government officials have siad they will be ready to take over the entire country next year, and although the American military first seemed doubtful about this claim, it appears there has been a change of opinion. The Ameriacan military now agrees that the Iraqi security forces will be ready to take over the entire country in the middle of next year.

This is huge news, with huge ramifications. The complete turnover of Iraq to a viable, self-sustaining Iraqi government next summer will mark victory for the American Military. We will have completed the mission and built up the Iraqi government and security forces to the point where they can fight and remaining insurgents on their own. This is a huge announcement, and, once the turnover is successfully completed, will mean we have achieved our goal. We will not only be able to bring our men and women home, but we will be able to do it in a way that gives us a victory over the terrorists and insurgents.

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