Not an Endorsement, But I’m supporting Brownback


I am keeping my promise not to officially endorse a candidate for President. However, I have decided to support the campaign of Sam Brownback – at least for now. This could very well turn into an endorsement later, and I could very well support a different candidate if someone else appears to be a better option. However, there are currently four “serious” candidates on the Republican side, McCain, Giuliani, Hunter, and Brownback. Because of the number of people already seeking the Presidency, I feel a need to support someone, and Brownback is currently the best option, here’s why:

  • Brownback supports the family:The family is the most important institution in the United States. The basic family structure of a mother, a father, and children is essential to preserving the future of America. Sam Brownback opposes Gay marriage and abortion, both of which disrupt the natural balance and order of society. Particularly on the issue of abortion, America must adopt policies that favor innocent life whenever possible.
  • Sam Brownback is a fiscal Conservative:This one is simple. Sam Brownback wants to give Americans more of their own money and simplify the tax code. Americans work hard for their wages, and they should be able to keep as much as possible.
  • Sam Brownback supports religious freedom: This issue takes special meaning as we get so close to Christmas, America is supposed to allow and encourage open practice of religion. The founders of America were religious and were not afraid to say it. America has had religious freedom impeeded by the removal of religious displays from public places and the banning of organized prayer in school.

There are many other reasons to support Sam Brownback. The above list is only a small sample. More information on Brownback’s candidacy can be found at his campaign website, I hope you will visit the site and learn why we need people like Sam Brownback running our government.


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