Senator Nelson Should Resign

This past week, Senator Bill Nelson, a Florida Democrat, traveled to Syria to meet with President Assad.  This was done against the wishes and advice of the State Department, and his actions are unacceptable for a United States Senator. Mr. Nelson has undermined the country’s fight against terror, the power of our Commander in Chief, and an age-old policy that the United States does not negotiate with terrorists. His behavior is improper, and Mr. Nelson should resign his position and allow a run-off to be conducted for his seat.

Mr. Nelson was not appointed as U.S. ambassador to Syria, he was not named as an envoy, or any type of special representative from the United States. He went behind the back of the President, the military, and every other person in Government to meet with an enemy of this Country. Syria is known to support terrorist groups, such as Hezbollah, Syria has threatened Israel, and Undermined the new, and Democratic, Iraqi Government. Assad is a terrorist and we should not even have formal relations with his country.

When the PResident of the United States says we are not going to talk to an enemy country, particularly during a War, in which that country supports the people killing our fighting men and women, no Senator, Republican or Democrat, has the right to decide that the President is wrong and should be openly disobeyed.

If Senator Nelson has any decency, he will immediately resign his post and allow a run-off election to be held to find a person who better represents the interests and policies of our nation.

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