Democrats are Disgracing America

Democrats are Disgracing America. I can’t find a simpler way to put it. Just a few short weeks ago, America decided that it was not satisfied with the current Republican Congress, and so the voters decided to choose the only alternative: Democratic Control. Democrats Promised to bring back good government, they claimed they would end pork and corruption, they claimed they would do what was best for America. They seemed more Republican than Some Republicans! As good as their message was, they have already abandoned this “good government for America” approach in favor of a partisan, terrorist-appeasing, wealth-bashing agenda. The Democrats must have set a new record, they have broken with the ideas that got them elected before they even took power.

 Even before the midterm elections, Democrats promised that they were not seeking impeachment of the President, yet one of the last acts of the Congress was a bill seeking impeachment, authored and introduced by Cynthia McKinney, although not taken seriously, this act was highly symbolic that the Democrats have not lost their bitter hatred of George Bush.

Even if you are to dismiss McKinney’s actions as purely symbolic, there are many more serious problems for the Democrats. I recently wrote a post calling for the Resignation of Senator Nelson, as he deliberately went behind America’s back to meet with one of our enemies. I want to add another name to the list of Senators who should resign, John Kerry. Much worse then Nelson’s meeting with Assad, Senator Kerry not only met with the Syrian President, but announced a desire to meet with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Ahmadinejad is the same thug who denied the Holocaust, idolized Adolf Hitter, threatened Israel, is actively seeking nuclear weapons, has befriended North Korea, and is, at this very moment, actively supporting, equipping, training, and funding the same evil scum that is killing our soldiers. It has been our policy from the time of the Reagan administration that AMERICA DOES NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS. Yet, Democrats like John Kerry and Bill Nelson seem determined to attempt to make a peace with the Islamic killers. They have obviously forgotten that diplomacy does not work in these situations. Nevile Chamberlain learned this in 1939, Franklin Roosevelt learned it in 1941, and Richard Nixon learned it in the 1970’s, which Kerry should well remember, as he fought in the Vietnam War.  Kerry, Nelson, and their Democratic Allies are attempting a peace agreement with these madmen, and if they succeed, they will weaken the military, and terrorists will return to American cities and kill hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans. Terrorists are dangerous, as are those who support them, but perhaps more dangerous are the people within our own government who want to be friends with terrorists, because they will lead America to ruin. The recent trips by the Democratic Senators were never authorized by the President, Congress, the Pentagon, or the State Department. Furthermore, the trips by these high-level American officials (particularly Senator Kerry) have given dangerous credibility and power to evil and murderous regimes. They have undermined the President, the war on terror, and the credibility of our anti-terror stance.

Although the trips by Senators Kerry and Nelson are bad, they are not the worst of the Democrats attempts to undermine the War on Terror. We have already learned that a major focus of the Democratic Congress will be investigation, but not into pork spending or corruption, but into the use of vital tools such as warrantless wiretapping or account monitering. Democrats have also announced intentions to do away with racial and other types of profiling, tools that have been sucessfully used in other parts of the World for years to prevent terrorist attacks, and tools which are well-suited for the United States. We must remember that there is, despite what some will say, a good profile of a terrorist, though it is not perfect, it can be used by trained personel to develop a good idea of who is a threat and who is not. Democrats not only want to make friends with the supporters of terrorists, but they want to remove vital tools that help keep people like you and me, and your family and friends alive. I’m not going to say Democrats want Americans dead, but they are certainly not making a full and concerted effort to keep us alive.

Although the dangerous pandering to Al-Quida and the kiss-up sessions with their sponsors are the worst cases of the Democratic Disgrace, it is not the full list. The problems that an unchecked Democratic Congress will cause also extends to domestic issues. Democrats have already broken their promise to lead an uncorrupt 110th Congress, by supporting corrupt Representatives like William Jefferson for Re-election. They have also vowed to block the President’s judicial nominees, even setting this as a major goal for the new judiciary committee. They have also announced intentions to roll back the Bush Tax Cuts, which pulled the economy out of a recession, increased Government revenue, increased business ownership, increased home ownership, and help create hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of new jobs. They want to tax success and wealth, even when fairly earned through hard work an fresh ideas.

The Democrats have not even taken over control of the Congress, and there is already enough evidence to prove that the DNC is not good news for America. If the Republicans are smart, they will remember these early faults and all the others that the Democrats make during their control of the House and Senate, and if Americans are smart, they will throw Democrats to the curb in 2008.


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