2006 U.S. War Deaths Down 18% in 2006

Firstly, I want to thank Ann Coulter for the tip-off on this story. She has a column in our local paper, and this was todays topic. Its big news that need to be spread.

 Anytime something changes by 18%, its should be big news. When the stock market goes up 18%, its splashed across every news screen in the country. When cancer deaths drop 18%, its hailed as a huge medical breakthrough. That why I can’t understand why this story hasn’t gotten more attention.

In 2004, during an election, 860 brave men and women lost their lives in combat in Iraq. Yet, the war was still supported by at least 50% of the population. In  2005, there were 845 deaths, a small decrease, perhaps justifiably no reported. However, through Novemner of this year, there were only 695 deaths related to the Iraq War, a massive 18% decrease, even when you include the particularly violent month of October. This is further evidence that America is making significant headway in the fight against insurgents. Also not reported, the fact that the Iraqi economy has grown 40% in the last two years. Furthermore, today’s turnover of the Najaf province to the Iraqi Security Forces, the first turnover of its kind involving the United States Armed Forces. Suprisingly, Najaf was once an extremely violent area, controlled by Al-Sadar’s malitia, until the U.S. came in, took over, made it peaceful, and gave it to Iraqi forces. This i evidence that we CAN take back Baghdad and the Anbar Province, and do the exact same thing. America is not loosing in Iraq, we are winning. Progress may be slow, but it is being made, and if America keep faith in the troops, their leader, and their mission, the United States will soon secure itself a large strategic and moral victory over the terrorist scum. Iraq is today’s Midway, this is the turning point in the war on terror, where one side is going to come out with a huge advantage, I’m praying its us.

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