Is Mitt Romney the Next Ronald Reagan?


Even though Mitt Romney hasn’t yet established a Presidential Exploratory Committee, he appears to be one of the front-runners for the 2008 Republican Presidential Nomination. Romney’s Commonwealth PAC has already raised millions of dollars that could be used for a Presidential bid in the near future. Romney is the outgoing governor of Massachusetts and a self described “Ronald Reagan Conservative.”

Like Reagan, Romney used to hold many largely Democratic positions before changing his opinions and becoming more Conservative. He is also the Governor of a Democratic-leaning states, and his nomination could help the Republicans gain votes in several key states like Michigan, where his father was a popular three-term governor. Romney shares many of the views held by Ronald Regan, including strong support for the family and protection of the unborn. Romney is also a pro-military, anti-jihadist leader, similar to Reagan’s position on the former USSR. Romney also seems to have the charisma that helped Reagan gain the title “the Great Communicator”, that rare ability to captivate an audience the moment you start speaking. Looking for more similarities, look no farther than their appearance, seen in the above pictures. Its too early to say if Romney will become our next President, but he may well be our generation’s Ronald Reagan.


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4 responses to “Is Mitt Romney the Next Ronald Reagan?

  1. NO! Only Reagan could be Reagan. We need to stop looking backwards, and take a risk with a man/woman who has the correct vision (and has had it for an extended period of time besides election time). 😉

  2. jrcutler

    Just watch, Romney will probably be better than Raegan if elected. He’s just plain sharp

  3. ProfessorN

    Mitt Romney is a just another rich idiot with a lust for power. He was bored with the governor’s job 10 minutes after he was elected in Massachusetts and left us with a horrible, punishing health care law. This man has no real opinion on anything; he will say whatever it takes to get elected. Reagan at least had convictions, this Ken doll is an empty suit!

  4. john

    Mitt was sharp enough to move jobs to China and make a boat load of money through stock options. I do not consider having 250 million a good quality for the president as, we are facing tough issues as a result of people such as mitt having shipped the industrial might of the US overseas. The middle class comes from manufacturing. Today it is the result of government jobs and a society built upon debt. What happens when the debt collector comes to collect on those debts. What happens to the US.

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