Election 2008 Update

Firstly, I want to remind people to VOTE in the ACT Blog Presidential Primaries. Just click on the flashing button on the top of my side bar (the thing with all the links on it).

Secondly, I want to give people an update on the 2008 Presidential Election. As we head into January, expect to see many new faces jumping into the race, they will have had the time to talk with their families and plan for announcements on the election and will now be ready to announce.

 I want to focus on Mitt Romney, the outgoing Gov. of Massachusetts. I like Romney, and I don’t pay any attention to the recent story that focused on his change of heart on abortion two years ago. I firmly believe Romney’s assurance that his positions are genuine.

It seems that Mitt Romney will be filing the papers with the FEC early next month to form an exploratory committee, he already heads a Political Action Committee that has raised millions of dollars. The week after that, we are told to expect a formal announcment that he is running for President. I can easily support a Romney Candidacy, and that is the point of this post. Although I currently am supporting Sam Brownback’s quest for the Oval Office on my blog, that will change once Romney has declared his Candidacy. Once that happens, I will remove support for any candidate for a period of time while I wait to see if there will be any other announcements. Then, I will supprot a candidate. Expect a more formal endorsement later in the year, definately before next January.


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