New in 2007

First off, Happy New Year!

I have been on vacation in Canada since Saturday, and, accordingly, have not been able to update my blog. It seems things have been relatively slow over the New Year holiday, with the exception of the Saddam Hanging Video. I will not be posting this, but Justin at has a copy that he has made available.

With the new year comes new things, and the ACT Blog will be no different. Here is what I am planning for the first weeks of 2007:

  • I will probably be making an appearance on Justin H.’s radio show tomorrow, Wednesday, January 3. Justin is also planning to use an audio clip I made after the 2006 midterm elections.
  • Expect more coverage of the 2008 Republican Primaries. Mit Romney is expected to file proper paperwork tomorrow, meaning he is likely running for President. I also will be re-doing my blog page on the election, so expect that to disappear for a time.
  • As part of a multi-blog effort, I am a participant in America’s Victory 08, a Conservative blog dedicated to winning in 2008. There are major changes and updates coming to the site soon, so I will probably be busy with that as well.

2007 is going to be an interesting political year, with a major push coming in Iraq, the Democratic Congress, the 2008 Presidential Election, and many other international events likely to occur over the next year. Hope you stay tuned.


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