“Choosing Victory: A Plan for Success in Iraq”

Exactly one month ago, the Iraq Study Group, a bi-partisan commission created by Congress to propose a new strategy for the Iraq War, released its report. I admit that I probably did not give this event enough coverage, so I am going to make up for that now. I want all of my readers to read the Iraq Study Group Report, which can be downloaded in Adobe Reader format from the following site:

Download the Iraq Study Group Report Here

The Iraq Study Group’s final report had several problems. For one, not in any of its 84 pages did it state that the goal of the report was to achieve outright victory. I cannot fully trust any report written by Americans that does not expressly support an American victory. Secondly, the qualifications of many of the members are at best, questionable. The members of the ISG were mainly “Washington Washups,” including former Senators and one former Supreme Court Justice, who, to my knowledge, has no expertise when it comes to international military affairs. The report was composed almost completely of diplomats, and, as such, presented in its (79) recomendations, mainly diplomatic solutions, while largely ignoring the military aspect of this war.

While the media and government highly publicized the release of the ISG report, it was almost wholey rejected by the Bush administration, as the main part of the report was to encourage diplomatic talks between the United States, Iraq, Syria, and Iran, something completely rejected by the Bush administration.

Very few of you probably know about another report, one that gained a much higher level of acceptence within our government, but was not highly publicized. The report, titled “Choosing Victory: A Plan for Success in Iraq” was released by the American Enterprise Institute’s Iraq Planning Group. After reading both the ISG report and the AEI plan, I can say that I support the AEI report almost to the letter. For one, it is clearly a plan to address all aspects of the Iraq Problem, including the military aspect. For another, the qualifications of the members of the AEI’s group are far superior the those of the members of the ISG, particularly in this military situation. The members who formed the AEI report included four former generals, one member of the Iraq foundation, and one member of the Institute for Defense Analyses. The AEI report is something every American should read, that includes all of my readers. The report is short, only fifty pages, and can easily be read in two to three hours. It can be downloaded from the following site:

Download AEI Report “Choosing Victory: A Plan for Success in Iraq” here.

Before you read, I want to focus on some key things that are addressed by the AEI Report:

  • A detailed look at what and who is currently in the Insurgency
  • An explanation of what “clear and hold” is.
  • A full plan to win back Baghdad, and with it Iraq
  • An explanation of the goals and make up of different insurgent groups
  • The reason that Al-Sadr’s malitia has the power it does.
  • When and how to address separate areas of Baghdad
  • Why different plans for Iraq would fail (including the ISG plan)
  • The needed troops, and how we would get them.
  • The reason past plans have failed.
  • The reassons that the current military seems overstreatched.

This is an extremely important thing that every American should read. It is also crucial that everyone understands it. This will give Americans a good idea of why we need to win, and the way to do it. An informed public is vital to winning the war, and the political fight it may take to get this plan adopted.


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