Is Mitt Romney Really a Conservative?

A recent editorial written by political analyst Dick Morris seemed to question weather or not Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney is truly a Conservative. Morris pointed to Mitt Romney’s previous pro-choice position and his original campaign promise to defend Homosexual Rights, which would normally be damaging evidence, if Romney had failed to immediately make clear his Conservative credentials. However, Romney pointed to his recent fight to ban Homosexual marriage, and even the fact that Ronald Reagan was originally a Democrat, to defend his candidacy. Romney’s claims appear to be genuine, at least as far as I can tell. If questions still remain as to Romney’s social Conservatism, he could make up for these doubts with his other views. Romney is a social and military conservative, and he holds strong Conservative views when it comes to the border and immigration as well. While Morris’ opinion is definately respecatable and his doubts are understandable, I see nothing in Romney’s current stance that would lead me to vote against him.


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