Democrats Attempting Illegal Power Grab

THIS is insane.

 As yet another part of their attempt to force defeatism down the throats of the American Public, and another attempt to steal power from the President, Democrats, led by Senator Ted Kennedy (MA) have introduced a bill that would require Congressional Approval for any Increase in Iraq troop levels. Not only is this a completely stupid idea, one that would not only give more power to a decidedly anti-military party, but it would also threaten America’s security by increasing the bureaucratic process that any military decisions regrading Iraq would have to go through, decreasing our ability to fight terrorists. OH, and by the way, this bill is illegal. Only the president has the power to control the military. Congress can declare war, and fund war, they have no say in the number of troops used or how long they are there for.



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2 responses to “Democrats Attempting Illegal Power Grab

  1. tk

    Apparently you didn’t read the bill? It requires that Congress vote in order TO APPROVE FUNDS used to get the soldiers there. Comprende?

  2. yes, I do, and it is still an attempt by the democratic party to achieve more control (illegally) over troop movements.

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