Sample Letter for “Supporters of an American Victory”

Below is a sample letter that I have put together (it is the one I sent) for Supporters of an American Victory in Iraq.”

As a citizen of this country, and a supporter of victory in Iraq, I have become deeply concerned about your opposition to the President’s plan to increase the number of troops operating in that country, particularly in Baghdad and the Al-Anbar Province. I have done research on both sides of this debate, including reading the reports released by the Iraq Study Group and the American Enterprise Institute, and I have come to the conclusion that the President’s new strategy provides one of our best opportunities to achieve victory.

I understand the arguments made by those who say that Iraq needs a political solution, but I do not believe that a political solution can be attained until all sides are able to negotiate in an atmosphere of trust and good-faith. I believe that it is unrealistic to ask the various sectarian groups to settle their differences while the various militias continue to kill innocent women and children. I feel that only once security in and around the capital has been achieved, can we honestly expect the Iraqis to negotiate a lasting peace.

I recognize that mistakes have been made in Iraq, but I do not believe our mission in that country to be a lost cause. I believe that victory is still possible in Iraq, but I believe that victory requires a united country and a determined government. I believe that if we follow the President’s strategy, we have a good chance of defeating the insurgents and allowing the Iraqis to assume greater control over their own country.

In conclusion, I would like to ask you to reconsider your opposition to the President’s strategy. I ask that you consider the benefits of this plan, among them a more secure Iraq, a better-trained Iraqi military, a more united population, and the opportunity to begin pulling troops out once security has been achieved and maintained. I also ask you to consider the dangers of continuing our current, half-hearted attempt to control the violence, and the dangers of an early withdrawal, one that would dishonor the sacrifices made thus far, and one that would likely plunge Iraq in chaos. I hope you will consider what I have said and that you will begin to support the President’s plan.

Thank you for your consideration,

Matt A.


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