Democrats, Hagel Will Introduce Anti-War Resolution

True to their word, Democrats, aided by Chuck Hagel, are going to introduce a resolution against the President’s new Iraq Strategy. Senators on both sides of the aisle will be faced with a choice. Both Republicans and Democrats will have to choose. They can choose victory, or they can choose to appease the terrorists and militias in Iraq. Choosing victory will mean choosing freedom, democracy, peace, and justice. Choosing Victory will be choosing to defeat the terrorists and to support a unified Iraqi government. Choosing victory will mean choosing to support the President’s plan to increase troop levels to defeat the Insurgents.

Unfortunately, I fear that there are some in Congress, including those fifteen republicans, who would choose to simply give up. Unless the Senators who oppose the President’s new Iraq strategy can introduce their plan, including how and why it will work, a vote in favor of this resolution will be nothing more than a vote in favor of defeat. The consequences of a defeat in Iraq would be enormous. Defeat in Iraq would mean terrorists not only a moral victory, but also an entire country, in which they could plan and train for attacks on the United States and our interests and allies abroad. By opposing the President’s new strategy, the Senators will be showing that they are unwilling to do what it takes to win. Failing to follow through on this new plan will only be allowing the vicious cycle of violence to contine. Failing to stop the cycle of violence could lead to the fall of the Iraqi government, and that would only dishonor the sacrifices of our dead men and women. If the Senators really want to do what is best for America and our fighting men and women, then they will vote against the resolution and begin to support nothing short of a full and complete victory in Iraq, even if it means increasing troop levels and staying in Iraq for another year.


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