Ahmadinejad may be Facing Impeachment

I seems that the President of Iran is quickly wearing out his welcome among his own countrymen. Last night on the Fox News Channel, Brit Hume did a small segment on Iran during “Special Report.” As you may know, Ahmadinejad was just on a trip to South America, during which he met with leaders like Hugo Chavez. Unfortunately for Ahmadinejad, the Iranian government did not support his trip. Iran is facing several problems right now, including the failure to pass a budget, and rising unemployment and inflation. How much of this is actually Ahmadinejad’s fault, I don’t know, but a majority of the Iranian Parliment is faulting the President. A recent letter blaming Ahmadinejad for the country’s problems carried the signifutes of more than half the parliment. Whats more, legislators have delivered a stern warning to Ahmadinejad, warning him to either fufill his campaign promises, or face impeachment.

 I keep you updated on this.

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  1. Herbesse

    Will this make my Hugo Chavez stocks on trendio rise? http://www.trendio.com/word.php?language=en&wordid=118

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