The ACT Blog endorses Mitt Romney for President.

Click HERE to listen to the endorsement in .mp3 format. Full text of the endorsement is below:

There are imporant issues confronting America, issues such as Immigration, Terrorism, Abortion, and Marriage. These issues are all part of a broader goal of making America stronger and better for us and for future generations. To accomplish this goal, America will need strong leaders, men and women who will say “This is what is right – and this is what I’m going to do.” It is because of this need for strong leaders that I have decided to formally endorse Mitt Romney for the Presidency of the United States.

America has accomplished much since our foundation as a Country. We’ve become an exampe of freedom and Democracy in the world, we’ve defeated the forces of Nazism and Communism, we’ve freed millions from poverty and oppression, and we’ve worked to become the strongest, wealthiest, and best country on the face of this Earth.

Unfortunately, the freedoms and rights that we hold so dear have come under threatby the forces of Radical Islam, Hard-Line Communism, and Anti-American Socialism. Men like Osama Bin Laden, Kim Jong Il, Mamoud Ahmadinejad, and Hugo Chavez whould like nothing more than the destruction of our country and our freedom. I cannot say exactly what drives these people to have these views, because I do not know. For some, it is a false interpretation of a religion, for others it is the desire to hold more control in the world. I cannot say why these men want us destroyed – only that they do, and, unless America is willing to take a strong position against these forces, they will succeed. It is because of these foreign threats that I endorse Mitt Romney.

 America also faces internal threats. Hundreds of thousands of unskilled and uneducated men and women flood across our southern border every year, taking jobs away from American workers, and burdening our education, health, and welfare systems to the point of near-collapse. We also face other threats, millions of innocent babies have been legally killed since the 1973 Roe v. Wade case which made abortion legal. We now live in a society where any mother can abort any child for any reason. We now live in a society where we often treat unborn animals better than unborn children. We have also seen threats to the institution of the American family. Challenges by gay-rights activists and others have tried to re-define a deffinition of marriage that has stood strong for over 2000 years. The family is the most basic and important institution in America, becuase it is the instituion best suited to raising children – the future of our country. The destruction of marriage whould leave America in extremely dire straits. It is becuase of these internal threats that I endorse Mitt Romney.

In short, I am endorsing Mitt Romney for the same reason any person would support a candidate – because I beleive that Mitt Romney is the best person to help make America stronger. The Conservative positions taken by Mitt Romney are exactly the thing that America needs. We need a strong anti-terror leader. We need a leader who is not afriad to defend America from our enemies. We need a leader who beleives in the traditional family and the sanctity of life. We need a leader who beleives that the best thing the government can do is allow American citizens – regardless of class or income – to keep as much of their own money as possible. It is because of these reasons that I am choosing to endorse Mitt Romney for the Republican Nomination and the Presidency of the United States.


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