Americans Want Victory in Iraq

If you listen to the Democrats you’ll hear alot of things. Between the activists and the Congress, the American left is putting out so much hot air that studies may begin to show them to be a major cause of Global Warming.

One of the biggest things you hear from the Democrats is that Americans want us out of Iraq. It is true that most Americans do want American troops withdrawn, and it is true that Iraq played a major role in the 2006 Congressional elections, but it now appears that there is an entirely different side to the issue. Justin from Right on the Right brings us this stroy.

In short, a recent IBO poll showed that a convincing (and increasing) number of Americans, on all sides, say that they beleive an American victory in Iraq is important to our country, and 58% are hopefull that a victory is possible.

So why does it seem like Americans want it both ways? I think I have a good idea, but I’m not going to say on my site. Justin is trying to spark some discussion in his comments section, so I’ve posted my logic in that section. Tell me what you think, try to get a debate going!


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