Defeatists’ Dream Denied

Democrats Arrived in Washington on two issues – corruption and the Iraq War. I know there were other issues in the election, but without the aid of those two things, Democrats would still be the minority party. But that is not my point.

Democrats ran in 2006 on a platform of opposing the President and his Iraq policies. Now, when the Constitution (rather than public opinion) regulates what the Democrats do, they are realizing that any power they enjoy over military decisions is limited – at best.

The first attempt by the Democrats came in the form of a non-binding resolution. It passed the House, but was filibustered in the Senate. It appeared that the Democrats would then try more forceful means, by limiting the mission in Iraq. That attempt now appears to be dead. The problem with limiting the mission in Iraq is in two parts. Firstly, any binding resolution is subject to a Prsidential veto, a veto the Democrats would not have the votes to override. Secondly, Democrats are finding some in their own party are opposed to the resolution. There were statements made by at least two Democratic Congressmen today saying that Congress is in no position to attempt to micromanage a war.

Weather in the form of a non-binding resolution, or an attempt to limit the mission, the Democrats dream of a defeat seems to be dead.


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