Don’t Think Romney Can Win? Think Again.

There are far too many people who are already willing to declare a Romney candidacy dead in the water. They beleive that there are only two people who can win the GOP nomination. There are way too many people who say that either McCain or Giuliani will take the nomination. In fact, while reading one of the political forums I visit, I saw a thread titled “Forget the Democrats, its between McCain and Giuliani”, obviously this person beleived that the PResidency was between those two men.

I disagree.

Mitt Romney is still the underdog, but his candidacy is far from dead. Romney is raising more money, attracting more endorsements, and gaining more support than any other candidate in the GOP race. In fact, Romney’s biggest problem now is not his religion, or his politics, its the fact that most Americans have no clue who he is. The most recent polls show that between 50 and 80 percent of Americans have absolutely no idea who Romney is. If he can get him name and record out there (as he is now doing with the first ads of the 2008 election), he could very well win.


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