Supporting Mitt Romney Part II: Change in Positions

Ever since the 2004 election, when Republicans successfully painted John Kerry as a “flip-flopper”, candidates for the Presidency in 2008 have had to work hard to avoid being stamped with the same label. This has posed a problem for former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who was one pro-choice and appeared to have pro-gay positions. Romney maintains that his beliefs have since changed, bringing them more in line with the Conservatives in the Republican Party. Although some people dismiss his change of heart as purely political, I believe Mitt Romney’s assurances that he is pro-life and pro-family are genuine. He calls it “a gaining of wisdom”, and I happen to agree.

Unlike John Kerry, who appeared to change positions within months or weeks, the most-often-used evidence against Mitt Romney is a 1994 political debate, and event that was not weeks ago, or months ago, but thirteen years in the past. Since that time, Romney has made various speeches condemning abortion and supporting traditional marriage. He has done more than talk, too. Ever since the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled that Homosexuals had to be allowed to marry, Romney fought to get a Constitutional Amendment (for the Massachusetts Constitution) that would define marriage as between one man and one woman.

I would like to remind anyone who still has doubts about the story of Former President Ronald Reagan. Before becoming Governor of California, Reagan was a life-long Democrat. His position changed with time, and he went on to become one of the best Presidents we have ever seen. Judging from what I’ve seen and heard so far, Romney could very well do the same thing.

If that is still not enough to convince Conservatives to accept Mitt Romney’s change in positions, lets take a simple look at who is running. You have your choice between  “Republicans” who have liberal views (McCain and Giuliani) or a Conservative who had liberal views, and has since changed.


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