Giuliani Fails to Explain Social Positions

The single biggest problem I  have with Rudy Giuliani is his liberal positions on social issues, and Giuliani is not doing anything to change my mind.

Giuliani made a speech today in Washington, and he made some remarks that are, in my opinion, off mark. He said that the biggest difference between Republicans and Democrats is the economy. I disagree, I believe the biggest difference is on each party’s view on life and traditional family values. Unfortunately, Giuliani has sided with the Democrats on this issue, and that is what disqualifies him from the GOP nomination. The main base of the Republican party are Conservatives (mostly Christian) these are people who are going to have a hard time voting for a pro-choice, pro-gay marriage candidate. Not to mention the fact that Giuliani supports gun control and is weak when it comes to illegal immigration



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2 responses to “Giuliani Fails to Explain Social Positions

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