More Good News From Iraq

The better the situation gets in Iraq, the less you hear about it in the mainstream media. If that is any indication, the media may soon leave Iraq out of all news broadcasts.

Only two weeks after the start of the Baghdad crackdown, Al-Sadr has fled, the Mehdi Army appears to be gone, deaths are down more than 80%, and insurgents are being killed or captured by the hundreds.

Just as expected, a more peaceful security situation is bringing about a more unified government, a governments that has began to make the serious reforms needed to keep Iraq together in peace and security. Yahoo News brings us this stroy.

“BAGHDAD, Iraq – The Iraqi Cabinet approved a draft law Monday to manage the country’s vast oil industry and distribute its wealth among the population — a major breakthrough in U.S. efforts to press the country’s Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish groups to reach agreements to achieve stability.”

This is just more good news out of an improving situation in Iraq. I look forward to hearing the Democrat’s excuse for this. They are soon going to find themselves in a situation opposing a sucessful war – a receipe for disaster in 2008.

Linked at: Right on the Right


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