Beating a Dead Dolphin?

This week marks the CPAC conference, and all of the major Republican candidates (with the exception of John McCain) will have the opportunity to address the conference. Mitt Romney will speak tomorrow, and he will likely be greated by a number of supporters – and a dolphin. As you can probably guess, this is an attack on Romney relating to his change in positions made over the last 13 years. In my opinion, Romney can overcome this “flip-flop” image by focusing on the fact that it was a gradual shift to the right over a 13 year period, and that his positions changed only once, and there is substantial evidence to prove that his switch is genuine.

It is also worth noting that the other top two candidates are no more Conservative than Romney, Giuliani could very easily be considered a Democrat, and McCain has alienated many Conservatives with his past positions. In the end, Republicans are going to have to make a decision. They are going to have three real options: McCain, Giuliani, and Romney. Romney is unquestionably the most Conservative of the three, and I beleive he could very well win the nomination.

I will say it again, Mitt Romeny is NOT a flip-flopper, he made a gradual shift to the right over a 13 year period, he openly admitts he was “wrong” on social issues before, and he has provided ample evidence to show that he is now a dedicated pro-life, pro-family Conservative.

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