Giuliani Judicial Appointment Record: Democrats out-number Republican 8 to 1.

Rudy Giuliani is Running for President, and trying to shrug off his liberal views on social issues. As an attempt to garner support among Conservative Christians, he promised to appoint Conservative Judges, but on this issue, his record is against him. A Politico analyses of Giuliani’s judicial appointment record shows that he appointed Democrats at a rate eight times higher than he appointed Republicans. Here is an excerpt:

“I would want judges who are strict constructionists because I am,” he told South Carolina Republicans last month. “Those are the kinds of justices I would appoint — Scalia, Alito and Roberts.”

But most of Giuliani’s judicial appointments during his eight years as mayor of New York were hardly in the model of Chief Justice John Roberts or Samuel Alito — much less aggressive conservatives in the mold of Antonin Scalia.

His appointment include (but are not limited to) a member of the International Association of Lesbian and Gay Judges, a judge who overturned limits on Sunday liquer sales because they were not secular enough, and judges who are praised by extreme Liberal groups like NARAL as “moderates.” Secular-Progressives (read as “anti-religion liberals”) are probably drooling over the fact that Giuliani could win the Republican Nomination. Conservatives on the other hand, particularly those who value life and the traditional family, should be running as far away from Giuliani as possibly.

Mark my words, this man is no Conservative.

the full story can be found HERE.

Linked at: Right on the Right


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