Mitt Romney at CPAC

Traditionally, every Presidential candidate has the opportunity to address CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference. This year, all major candidates with the exception of McCain accepted the invitation, and today it was Mitt Romney’s turn. Romney made some extremely impressive remarks. He touted his record as a tax reformer and fiscal Conservative, he talked about competing with China, securing the borders, and keeping America strong. He talked about Social Conservatism, openly embracing discussion on the issue that could be his biggest problem. He pointed out how McCain-Kennedy is nothing but Amnesty, and promised to limit government spending. Romney is once again on the offence, pointing out that he is the most Conservative major candidate.

Romney could very well come out well in the CPAC straw poll. If he does that, it could be what lights the fire under his campaign.

I hope to put up a copy of his speech (audio or text) as soon as I can find one.

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One response to “Mitt Romney at CPAC

  1. evi

    Romney is liberal like kennedy he is SPIN AMNESTY….read no.4.

    he is opposed amnesty but if you undocumen worker (no say illegal alien ) you can be earn legal and stay FOREVER….DUH….

    lier2 lier…

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