Mitt Romney is the Perfect Package

Conservative don’t seem to know who to support. Rudy Giuliani is unquestionably strong on crime and matters of terrorism, but he is also pro-abortion and supports homosexual marriage. He also supports stronger gun control. John McCain supports the War in Iraq and is pro-life, but he came out against a Federal Marriage Amendment, and his McCain-Feingold and McCain-Kennedy bills are widely criticized among Conservatives. Sam Brownback is definitely strong on social issues, but he came out against the troop surge.

It is my belief that there is another candidate who is the perfect package for Conservatives desiring Conservative leadership. His name is Mitt Romney.

Sure, there are some questions about weather or not Romney is a “true” Conservative, people are ridiculing him for being a flip-flopper, but lets look at his record:

On Marriage

  • Supports Constitutional Amendments to define traditional marriage.
  • “Marriage is about the raising of children, not the choices of adults.”

 On Abortion

  • Was once pro-choice, changed after a debate on stem cell research. Has admitted he was on the “wrong” side in 1994 debate with Sen. Kennedy

 On Taxes

  • Turned a $250 million tax increase into a $250 million tax refund
  • First Candidate to sign pledge not to raise taxes.
  • Believes Americans are “overtaxed”
  • Solved Massachusetts budget deficit by cutting government, not by raising taxes.

On Spending

  • Balanced MA budget 4 years in a row.
  • Cut duplicate and redundant programs.
  • Will cap non-military spending increases at inflation – 1%.
  • American Government is “overfed.”
  • Not afraid to veto budgets, even from GOP congress
  • Give the President the line-item veto

On Military

  • Believes America needs more fighting men and women.
  • “A strong U.S. is greatest ally to peace”
  • Peace through strength
  • Opposes cut-and-run in Iraq

On Immigration

  • Authorized Massachusetts police to enforce national immigration laws
  • Said no to drivers licences to illegals.
  • “Amnesty didn’t work 20 years ago, it won’t work now”
  • On the record as being against McCain-Kennedy.
  • Benefits for illegals cost taxpayers billions
  • Reduce barriers to educated and skilled immigrants, secure the borders.


  • Openly admitted past liberal positions were wrong.
  • America must work to compete better with Asia
  • Would Repeal McCain-Feingold

Linked at: Right on the Right


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