YOUR Biggest Concern About Mitt Romney

As everyone knows, I am supporting Mitt Romney for President, and trying to convince others to do the same. Now is your chance to voice you biggest concern(s)  about Mitt Romney. I will then answer them after I receive a sufficient number of replies. I will answer every question, although I will combine duplicates. Concerns will be anonymous, I will only post names or websites if the submitter requests it.

You may submit your concerns as a reply on this post, or you may submit conerns at one of the following forum posts.

The American Conservative Forum OR Conservatives


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One response to “YOUR Biggest Concern About Mitt Romney

  1. I am not at all convinced of Mitt Romney’s conservative bona fides. His evolving stance on abortion is bizarre the way he explains it. I think he is an opportunist and is trying to define himself for the upcoming primary season. I haven’t committed to any candidate at this point, but Romney has a long way to go before I will support him.

    BTW, please update your link (I am the administrator) for American Conservative.

    You will find it at American Conservative

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