CPAC is a Big Loss for Giuliani

It may be too soon, but I am about ready to declare the Giuliani Honeymoon OVER. For weeks now, Rudy Giuliani has led national polls, even among Conservative Christians. It seemed that these voters were willing to ignore his liberal social positions. However, it seems like this period of unquestioned applause and recognition may be drawing to a close, and, in my opinion, not a moment too soon.

Firstly, Rudy Giuliani lost the CPAC Straw Poll, even after being able to speak to the convention. He entered to a rousing standing ovation, but the applause steadily decreased over the course of the speech. Romney on the other hand (who won the CPAC poll) entered to only to polite applause, but left it with once undecideds waving Romney signs and red foam “Mitts.” Clearly, Giuliani is doing nothing to alleviate concerns over his liberal positions, while, at the same time, Romney is easing concerns about his Social positions and Mormon faith.

The bad news only continues for Giuliani, as polls now show him only leading Romney by 4% on issues of safety and security – probably the one issue that allows Giuliani to lead in the polls. On issues of reducing the size and spending of the government Romney leads, and on social issues, Sam Brownback comes out on top, with Romney in second and Giuliani far behind.

The issues on which Giuliani will run into the biggest problems are the social issues, and at least for now, the latest poll showed that only 34% of Republicans polled know that Rudy Giuliani is pro-abortion. This could very easily explain why Christian Conservatives are supporting him in such high numbers. According to the poll, once people find out he is pro-abortion, his number could take a huge hit.

One last thing could hurt him – he is not attending the New Hampshire debate on April 4th. This could seriously hurt Giuliani (and McCain), as it will leave Mitt Romney as the only major candidate in the dabate, giving him the floor to explain his positions and views – and the positions and views of his opponent’s.

Finally, it looks like the GOP will move towards more Conservative candidates – once they find out the facts on all the candidates.


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