Victory at CPAC – Romney Wins Straw Poll

Any doubts I still had about Romney’s ability to win after the South Carolina Straw poll are now gone. The results of the much more important CPAC poll are in, and I am very happy to say that Mitt Romney has come out with a respectable lead. The final results are:

note on results: I have seen conflicting results relating to the positions of Brownback and Gingrich. These are the results released on CNN. Alternative placement shows Gingrich in 3rd and Brownback in 4th.

So what do these results mean? Well, for one thing, they mean that Mitt Romney is the favorite of Conservatives. They show that he can overcome aligations of flip-flopping and his Mormon faith. They also show that Giuliani may finally be over his “honeymoon period”, this is the second straw poll in which he has come in second (he narrowly lost the Straw Poll in South Carolina to John McCain). Also, even though he came in second, it was a very near-tie with Conservatives Brownback and Gingrich. Lastly, also show that McCain is continuing his fall in the polls, even before he has formally announced he is running.

Hopefully the good new will continue for Romney and we can get a true Conservative as our nominee. Once Conservatives and Republicans learn more about Romney, and about his competitors’ liberal or moderate pasts, he could really begin to take off.


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