Fred Thompson Running?

It has come to my attention that Former Repbulican Senator Fred Thompson may be making an official announcement to say that he is running for President. I have mixed feelings on this.

Fred Thompson is a Conservative. He is pro-life, pro-family, pro-gun, and a supporter of the War on Terror and the Iraq War. I could support Thompson for President easily. However, my fear is that another Conservative (along with Romney) is only going to split the Conservative vote, leaving us with a liberal Republican like Giuliani as our nominee. At this time, my hope is that Thompson does not run – and that Romney becomes the  nominee and 44th President. Thompson may be an appealing Vice Presidential Candidate – But Romney is my pick for the top job.


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  1. Don

    The only reason why Fred Thompson is being recruited to run is because he is not mormon. The evangelicals are behind this. If they succeed, I predict the conservative vote will be split and we will end up with Guliani. This is unacceptable as it will ignore the party platform. I will register independent if this happens and will cease to throw my vote in with bigoted conservatives. They accuse Romney of not being christian. Their bigotry and hatred of mormons is about as un-Christ-like as it comes. Can you say Pharisee? I predict that the mormon vote, while a minority, will leave the republicans in droves. With the balance of power between libs and conservatives razor thin, the republicans will lose every election and it may be decades before hold the whitehouse again.

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