Romney/Thompson Would be an Impressive Ticket

I support Mitt Romney for President. He will continue to be my choice until all is won – or all is lost. Some people have talked about Fred Thompson running, I hope he doesn’t, but he would be a very good VP. A Romney/Thompson would be impressive, containing two experienced Conservatives, a person with Executive experience (what really matters) and a person with legislative experience (helpful, but less important).

The alternative (which I would perfer not to talk about) is the Thompson wins the nomination, at which point Romney could get the second spot. Romney, provided he stays a healthy, youthfull person, would be able to run again in 1216 if he wanted.

But, like I said, Romney is still my pick.


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One response to “Romney/Thompson Would be an Impressive Ticket

  1. Jon

    I concur. I’m a bit more optimistic though of a Romney-Thompson ticket. I think the balance such would provide is something that hasn’t been achieved since the JFK-LBJ match for the left (though with two senators). I agree with your emphasis on executive leadership (which is one reason I don’t think most of the GOP candidates are truly qualified) but I do think the Veep in general should be able to translate the president’s vision into language that both Congress and the American people can understand and make their own. Thompson would fit this bill perfectly.

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