60% of Republicans Unhappy with Current Candidates. 60% of Republicans Obviously Uninformed

There were a couple of FOX polls that came out this morning, both dealing with how happy each party is with its current primary options. The Democrats were satisfied by a considerable margin, but that is not why I’m posting this. The poll about the Republican candidates revealed that 60% were unhappy with current choices. Now, I can understand the concerns of those who dislike the fact that an abortion supporter is the current frontrunner, but beyond that, there is no reason to dislike the current field. the 2008 field of Republican candidates is one of the most diverse in history. Not only are there a large number of candidates running, but they represent a wide variety of views. If you support abortion, you may be more inclined to vote for Rudy Giuliani. If you want the president to have the line item veto, you may choose to vote for Mitt Romney. If you’re looking for someone with experience in military matters, Duncan Hunter may be your candidate, and those are just the frontrunners. That does not include the lesser-known candidates such as Ron Paul, Sam Brownback, and Tom Tancredo. There are even anti-war candidates in the field. There is absolutely no reason why any Republican should be unhappy with the current field, unless you are pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, anti-war, and support Universal healthcare – in which case I have no idea why you are a Republican.



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2 responses to “60% of Republicans Unhappy with Current Candidates. 60% of Republicans Obviously Uninformed

  1. waitmyturn22

    I hope this will make my Mitt Romney stocks go up so I make some money on it 🙂 http://www.prediction-markets.info/rd.php?language=en&wordid=2546

  2. Ordinary Coloradan

    Actually, the problem whether Romeny backers like it or not, is the closet anti-Mormon stuff. People will not admit to it, but its there and it will not go away.

    I’ve gone to Thompson, but that’s because I’ve met him, and know some folks who worked with him and his staff in the Senate. I know I can trust him to be exactly who comes across that TV screen. But he hasn’t declared yet.

    If he doesn’t declare, then I’ll be backing Romney, but we have a long way to go with digging out all those quietly biased anti-Mormon people and educating them to where they are comfortable with things. My worry is that will take so many resources to do that, that it will hamstring the campaign against Hillary. And God only knows what kind of nasty whispering campaign Soros and the far left will start – unlike Republicans and conservatives, there is no low to which they will not stoop.

    Good luck guys, you;re going to need it, and if Fred Thompson does jump in and jump to the front, no hard feelings, come on over – plenty of room for all of us to get behind whichever conservative wins. If Giuliani wins, I’m voting Libertarian since it wont matter (because he will lose anyway and I cannot in good conscience sanction that man with my vote). Sigh.

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