My Thoughts on Fred Thompson

As many of you may already know, former senator-turned-actor Fred Thompson is considering a run for the White House. Fred Thompson’s service to his country in Congress and dedication to Conservative values is unquestionable, but as a conservative, I must express my hope that Thompson decides against running. My fear is that adding another conservative to the field would split the vote to the point where a moderate or liberal Republican would win the nomination.

There is already one top tier conservative in the field (Romney) there are also a couple of lower level conservatives running (Brownback, Hunter, Tancredo). If you add another Conservative or even two, the vote is automatically split, clearing the way for Giuliani to take the nomination, which would be a disaster for this country.

It is in the best interests of the Republican party (and the country) if we stop adding Conservatives to this race and begin reducing their numbers for the primaries. The worst thing that can happen is a split vote.


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One response to “My Thoughts on Fred Thompson

  1. Ordinary Coloradan

    Actually, Thompson may force those bottom tier guys out (like my crazy congressman Tom Tancredo), which would be a good thing. Apparently he is not taking votes from Romney in the latest polls, but is instead pulling them off McCain and Guliani and Gingrich. And he has apparently hti McCains fund raisers, they are waiting to see if Thompson declares, and are holding off backing McCain until then.

    If it comes down to that, then having 2 conservatives at the top of the heat when the primaries come would be a great thing!

    Think of that – not having to worry about pro choice, gun rights, rampant federalism… just voting for the one that could win the election and govern best.

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