Another Amnesty Argument Shot Down

I am completely opposed to illegal immigration in any form. Yet there are those who want to reward illegal aliens with U.S. citizenship. One of the main arguments used to advocate for the legalization of these criminals is that they benefit U.S. economy by filling jobs of Americans won’t do. That arguement now appears to be debunked.

This morning, Fox News was doing an interview with the man who had recently conducted a survey of almost all lines of work within the United States. What he found may surprise many people. With the lone exception of farm labor, at very most, illegals made of just 37% of the workforce, and that number itself was very high. This proves that illegal immigrants are actually a burden on U.S. economy, not a benefit. This study proves that what illegal immigrants are really doing is taking jobs away from willing American workers. Just another reason why complete amnesty for illegal immigrants would be very dangerous for this country, just another reason why we should construct a border fence, and we should keep troops on the border. We should be staying as far away from amnesty as we possibly can.



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3 responses to “Another Amnesty Argument Shot Down

  1. Tiny

    Dear Matt A.,
    i am writting to respond to your blog. i don’t understand how you can think of immigrants as crimnals when, looking back at you ancestry, i am pretty sure you will find an immigrant. you came from the same thing. so for you to oppose appauls me,because without immigrants, where would you be? as for what you’re saying about immigrants affecting the u.s work economy, that would be true only you are taking away one important factor, whether you have a ss# or not the struggle to maintain is the same. the fact of the matter is, how can you critize immigrants for coming to the u.s if the reason they came is because of the luxury that is advertized by the americans. i mean you dangle a hot dog in front of a dog they are bond to eat it.

  2. You will find several immigrants in my ancestry – all of them LEGAL. Illegal immigrants broke the law and, because of it, they are criminals. I have no problems with legal immigration.

  3. GeorgiaMom

    People who came here as immigrants hundreds of years ago did not become a drain on the economy or get welfare. They did for themselves and if they did not they died. You cannot compare the two situations.

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