If (When) Romney Overtakes McCain

First Place: Rudy Giuliani. Second Place: Mitt Romney. Third Place: John McCain.That could very well be the outcome of next week’s polls. While Mitt Romney is still the third place can get the most recent polls of showing him trailing second place candidate John McCain by only six points. Romney’s been pulling a consistent 10% while McCain’s support has been dropping, this time by three points from 19% of the vote to 16%. While both candidates still trail former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani by significant margins, The benefits of Romney moving into second place, even before the debates, could be enormous. For one, it would clear major hurdle from Romney’s path. Passing the well-known and well-respected John Mccain would be a significant step towards winning the republican nomination next year. For two, it would force the media to give Romney more attention allowing him more access to televisions and newspapers in which to spread his conservative message.

While there’s a big difference between passing John Mccain and passing Rudy Giuliani to win the nomination, it is a sign of progress. Romney’s movement into second place would prove to naysayers that he actually is a serious candidate. Even now, after the CPAC poll, there are still those who see them at Romney’s rightward shift over the last 14 years, combined with his Mormon beliefs, will prevent him from winning the Republican nomination. If Mitt Romney could move into second place, even before the New Hampshire debate next month, He will be one large step closer to reclaiming the title of frontrunner for a conservative, which would only be good news for the Republican party.

The latest Rasmussen poll comes out on Tuesday, I’ll keep you updated on the results.


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One response to “If (When) Romney Overtakes McCain

  1. Jay

    I’m crossing my fingers. He has more insider allies than the other GOP candidates. He also has more DNC press release hit pieces than all the other GOP candidates combined. It’s time that people start talking about him as a legitimate contender. Of course he’s got my vote, I’m hoping more people jump on the bandwagon.

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