Why Romney isn’t Polling Higher

Mitt Romney is polling around 10%. That is a good number, seeing as it is consistent and slowly increasing. However, some people see this number as a weakness. Some people believe that since Romney’s not polling higher, particularly since Giuliani’s polling as high as it is, some think it may be time to have another conservative take over. It is too early to know weather or not he will be the nominee, but it is way too early to tell.

I believe that there are two main reasons for Romney’s “low” poll numbers. One of the reasons is simply recognition, alot of people still do not know who Romney is, that will change after the debates. The first is in early April, and Romney will only be helped by the absence of Giuliani and McCain at the debate.

The second reason Romney is polling lower, in my opinion, is because most polls are taken with one of two things (or sometimes both). First, most polls are taken showing candidates who are not running, since these are usually Conservatives like Gingrich, they take votes from Romney.  The second reason is that many polls contain an option such as “other” or “no opinion.” This is not available on real ballots. If you take a poll where every one answers, and only candidates who are running are options, thenI would predict that Romney would be polling higher.


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