Primary Reform

With talk of Super-Duper Tuesday, I have come to the belief that America needs to reform it’s primary election system. At this rate, we will end up with one national primary – something that would limit competition and the chance for dark horses to become nominees. My proposal is for both parties to adopt a 15-week primary season, starting the second week in January and ending in May. All primaries would be held on Tuesday, and it would work like this:

week one: Iowa Caucus

week two: New Hampshire & South Carolina Primaries.

week three – week 12: 5 states each week

week 13: 7 states

addition two weeks: no primaries held the weeks directly before and after Easter

This next part is a bit tricky to explain, so stay with me.

To ensure that states do not end up being unimportant over and over, weeks three-thirteen would be grouped into 3 classes (similar to the Senate). Weeks 3-6 would be class “A”, weeks 7-9 would be class “B”, and weeks 10-13 would be class “C”. Every Presidential election season, the classes would rotate. So, if this system was adopted in 2012, it would look like this:

2012 – A,B,C

2016 – B,C,A

2020 – C,A,B


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