AP Tries to Smear Romney…Again

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So Mitt Romney hired a guy, who contributed to a group, who selected a guy to make an ad against Michigan Gov. Granholm, who chose to use a Hitler comparison. Think this is important? No? Oh, then I’m not the only one who thinks the AP has finally gone too far. It was bad enough a couple months ago when the AP tried to damage Romney by printing a story stating that his great-grandfather kept multiple wives (notice, they did not mention that Obama’s FATHER also had multiple spouses), but to try to link Romney to this ad is absurd. This ad did not come from Romney, and chances are, the co-chair had no knowledge of the ad before he saw it on T.V. for the first time.

The AP is starting to look a little stupid, they are fighting tooth and nail to find something to damage Romney, but they are not having any luck. Why though? Because Mitt Romney is almost too good good to be true, almost. On the family side, he has one, long-lasting marriage, five children, as well as many other members of a large, traditional, loving, American family. On the career side, he founded a business, turned around the 2002 Olympics, and served as the Governor of Massachusetts, giving him the type of executive experience not found in other Republican candidates. He is not attached to any major scandal, and has experience working with members of the other side – and producing results in his favor. He is intelligent, charismatic, firm in his positions, and dedicated to defending those positions. It is true, he did one support Abortion, and did once place an emphasis on gay rights (weather or not this included gay marraige or civil unions is debated). Either way, he changed his positions, gradually shifting to the right over a 14 year period, although the largest changes occured in the last three years. He openly admitted that his past positons were wrong, and has since worked in support of Conservative causes in an extremely liberal state – fighting to get a Constitutional amendment on the ballot that would define marriage as a union between a man and a woman. Mitt Romney has the experience, energy, values, dedication, and strength to be the next U.S. President. If the AP can produce a good reason not to vote for Romney, then lets see it. Otherwise, they should stop trying these liberal smear tactics – I’d like to think they were above that.


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