Here is an Idea…

Why not keep most of the current Republican candidates in high-level government positions if the GOP wins back the government in 2008. It is an interesting idea, and it could be a way to put together an excellent Republican team for the next election. Most of the 2008 Republicans have their merits, and there is room for many of them in a 2008 GOP majority. If we could put together a Presidential ticket such as Romney/Thompson or Romney/Gingrich, work to make Duncan Hunter the House Majority leader, keep Giuliani on as a Attorney General, hold onto McCain as a Senator or advisor on fiscal policy, and keep Brownback as a Senator to lead the charge against Gay Marriage and Abortion, you have a remarkable team. Of course, this is just an idea, and unlikely to happen, but there is certainly room for many of the current candidates in a 2008 GOP majority


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