Romney has Very Few Flaws

Almost all political candidates have at least some flaws or faults that their competition uses against them, and the 2008 Republican field is no exception. Giuliani has his liberal social issues, McCain has his age and pervious fallouts with the conservative wing of the GOP, and Newt Gingrich has his multiple marriages and divorces. However, Mitt Romney seems to have very few flaws of any kind. He is a mormon, and he was once liberal on social issues, but other than that, most things are going in his favor. He has only married once, and is still married, he has executive experience, he is a fiscal Conservative, he is a social Conservative, and he is an economic Conservative.



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5 responses to “Romney has Very Few Flaws

  1. Other than being a flip-flopping RINO and a fake conservative, he’s totally awesome!

    Sam Brownback is an actual conservative. I can’t settle for a GOP nominee who is supposedly “electable” if he’s the kind of candidate I’ll regret once elected.

    Quite the paradox. IMHO.

  2. Well, I can’t support Brownback because he doesn’t support the troop surge. Although, I agree he is mostly Conservative. However, I also beleive Romney is a Conservative. He only changed positions once, in a rightward shift over a long period of time, HARDLY a flip-flopper. His change in position is equivilent to those made by Conservatives such as Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr. (both who were once pro-abortion). I am convinced of Romney’s social conservatism becuase of the efforts he made to get a constitutional amendment on the ballot in MA that would define Marriage as a union between a man and a woman. If he is that genuine on Gay Marriage, I have no reason to beleive he would be any different on abortion.

  3. Heh. OK, we’ll agree to disagree then.

    Hey, you might want to put a link to Romney’s campaign site in your “Romney for President” sidebar image. 😉

  4. lol, I thought I had made the Romney for President banner clickable, guess not.

  5. You’re welcome. You owe me one. It’s still not linked, btw. Do you need some help?

    Then you’ll owe me two! 😀

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