The Prosecutor Controversy

I have not yet posted on the controversy surrounding the firing of a group of federal prosecutors, mainly because I do not see it as an issue worth of much discussion. However, some in Congress seem determined to make a production out of it.

The President is the head the Executive Branch, and it is his job to decide how to enforce the nations laws. The President appoints the Attorney General (with Congressional approval), and he gets to choose the nation’s federal prosecutors. Those prosecutors serve at the pleasure  of the President and can be fired at will. It is not uncommon for Presidents to remove and replace these prosecutors; President Clinton replace ALL federal prosecutors during his term in office. The method in which they were fired and the time that they were fired may have been somewhat unusual, but all the legal scholars an experts who have looked over this case have made it clear that they do not believe any laws were broken, and that should be enough for the Congress.With talk of subpoenas against people like Karl Rove, there is now more than enough evidence that Democrats are simply looking for a way to damage the administration, and possibly destory Rove before he can help the Republicans win back the Congress and White House in 2008.


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