Democrats are at it Again

The Democrats in the House are once again playing games with American security and the lives of American forces. This time, they have attached a withdrawl deadline to an emergency funding bill – requiring America to be out of Iraq by August 31, 2008. The bill will probably pass in the House, but it could stall in the Senate, and would deffinately be vetoed by the President should it make it that far. The Democrats are simply trying to appease the extereme, anti-freedom fringe of the party – even at the expense of an entire country.

Democrats can cut out this political game NOW. Either fund this war until we win, or hold a vote tomorrow to get us out. If the Democrats are not going to fund this war until we win, and until Iraq can completely stand on its own, then why are they willing to keep our forces in harms way, only to have more die for no reason? I believe America needs to stay in Iraq, I beieve America needs to win in Iraq, but if the Democrats are not going to let our forces finish the job, then there is no point in staying any longer.

 These are some of the worst actions by the Democrats. These people don’t care about freedom, they don’t care about Democracy, they don’t care about the people of Iraq, they don’t care about installing a peacefull ally where we need one most, they don’t care about victory, and they don’t care about the thousands of troops who sacrificed THEIR LIVES to give freedom to Iraqis and keep freedom for Americans. The only thing the Democrats care about is appeasing the hard left, so Democrats still have some chance of keeping their majority in 2008, the only thing Democrats care about is keeping enough power to continue to push their anti-freedom, anti-strength, anti-American agenda. These people make me sick.


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