I’m Already Sick of Fred Thompson

Former Senator-turned-actor Fred Thompson may not even be running, but his supporters are already getting on my nerves. Some people have been treating Thompson as if he is some sort of savior for the Republicans in 2008, a candidate who will swoop in when called and unite the Conservative vote. This is nonsense.

 The biggest arguments against “Rudy McRomney”, the supposed RINO-monster threatening the GOP, is that it is composed of Giuliani (a liberal Republican, at best), John McCain (an unfaithful Republican), and Mitt Romney (a flip-flopper). Now the Giuliani and McCain arguments are fair statements, but to call Romney a flip-flopper is absurd. Romney switched positions on social issues, but he did it once, and as part of a right-ward shift that took years. Besides, lets assume for a minute that Romney is a “flip-flopper”, fine, but then you have to include Ronald Reagan and even Thompson himself in the flip-flop club. The truth is, Romney’s change of positions is no different than the switches made by former Presidents George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan, and Senator Thompson, who was also once pro-choice. Thompson might also have to answer for being known as lazy. You can say many things about Romney, but lazy is definitely not one of them.

The idea that Thompson has the ability to enter the race, provide no new ideas or plans, take virtually all support from Romney and the other Conservatives, and still take support enough from Rudy or McCain to win is also crazy. The only thing Thompson would do is split the vote, and the latest polls show it. If Thompson were a candidate touting a well-developed plan and saying he will run only if another Conservative can’t top Rudy and McCain, then I would have less of a problem, but he’s not. Other people are attempting to bring him in as a person to counter Romney, either not knowing or ignoring the fact that he would have the same problems.



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7 responses to “I’m Already Sick of Fred Thompson

  1. Explain This


    Thats Mitt endorsing Rocky Anderson.

    Yes the same Rocky Andersont hat marched with ANSWER (a communist group) and has repeatedly called for the impeachement of Bush and Cnehney and a coawardly retreat from Iraq, and appeasment of Iran, and acceptance of UN authority.

    Mitt is just wrong.

  2. That is from 2003. I am unfamiliar with Anderson, but to prove Mitt is wrong on this you have to prove 3 things. A) Anderson was doing these things in 2003 when Mitt endorsed him, B) the guy Anderson was running against was not worse, and C) Mitt is Still supporting him. The latest I heard was the Romney was distancing himself from this man.

    More evidence please, otherwise the arguement does not work.

  3. zeek

    Iam so tired of the “Flip flop” accusations from dip dopes.
    Mitt never changed his position on gays, He has always been and always will be for equal rights for them, but has always stood for marriage between one man and one woman. He has also debated this on the principle of children’s rights..simply brilliant.
    He has always been pro-life personally; But he has proven his evolved conviction that it is a sociatel/govermental issue. His govenor’s record attests to that beyound question.
    Every other issue he blows away the competition. come on who can even holda candle to him when it comes to fiscal conservativism, And in national defense Romney has had more experience than gulliani. these other candidates have pet issues but romney owns them all. Why because he is smart and has the recordto back it up.

  4. I don’t know how to tell you guys this but, there are a few guys here;


    who just might disagree with you. ;- )

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  6. jagrmeister

    Food for thought on Fred Thompson:

    For the sake of argument, here’s devil’s advocate to Thompson:

    McCain-FeinGold & Public Financing of Elections

    “One of only four senators who supported John McCain’s candidacy in 2000, Thompson argued for the McCain-Feingold legislation that regulates the content, timing and amount of political speech.”

    “In 1996, Thompson worked successfully, unfortunately, to preserve the (currently collapsing) system of public financing of presidential campaigns.”


    “During his first run for the U.S. Senate, Fred Thompson said in an interview to a Republican newsletter that the ultimate decision to have an abortion “must be made by the woman.””


    “He did not seek reelection in 2002 — not a painful sacrifice for a man who disliked the Senate: ‘I’m not 30 years old. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life up here. I don’t like spending 14- and 16-hour days voting on ‘sense of the Senate’ resolutions on irrelevant matters.’”

    The Only Conservative?

    “As proof of their champion’s conservative soul, Thompson fans vigorously point to his career rating of 86 percent by the American Conservative Union. Not to be a wet blanket, but I feel compelled to point out that McCain has a career rating of 82 percent. Four points lower than Thompson. Wow.”

    “Thompson served as Senator Straight Talk’s national co-chair in 2000. Given a choice between George W. Bush and McCain, Thompson [went with the latter]”

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