Half-Truths on Romney

When everybody hates you, you must be doing something right. Romeny has been the biggest victim of attacks by Democrats and Liberals, meaning that it is ROMNEY, not Giuliani, not McCain, not Thompson, who they fear the most.

Anyway, I came accross THIS ARTICLE in the New York Sun, which, as far as I can tell, is an anti-Romney paradise. The article is correct, at least at very face value. Thompson is indeed in front of Romney in Iowa, and in Arkansas for that matter, but the article did not tell the whole story. While Thompson is polling ahead of Romney in two of the four states with polls that included Thompson, Romney has only increased his percentage of support since the last polls were taken. Thompson may be pulling some support, but it is not coming from anyone who was supporting Romney.

Lets look at the polls:

McCain – 29% (23)
Giuliani – 29% (31)
F Thompson – 12% (n/a)
Romney – 10% (8)
Gingrich – 7% (16)
All others – 1% or less

New Hampshire
McCain – 23% (26)
Giuliani – 19% (27)
Romney – 17% (15)
Gingrich – 11% (10)
F Thompson – 10% (n/a)
All others – 2% or less
Undecided – 15%

Texas (no previous poll)
Giuliani – 30%
McCain – 20%
Romney – 13%
F Thompson – 12%
Gingrich – 11%
All others – 2% or less

Arkansas (no previous poll)
Huckabee – 40%
McCain – 21%
Giuliani – 12%
Gingrich – 8%
F Thompson – 5%
Romney – 4%
All others – 1% or less

Thompson does lead Romney in 2 states, but by no more in two points. He leads by one in AK (where both are doing extremely poorly compared to Huckabee – even Giuliani is suffering here) and by two points in Iowa, while Romney picks up two points. Thompson trails by a large 7% in New Hampshire, where Romney is doing well compared to the other candidates. Obviously, any talk of Romney falling to Thomspon are just that, talk.


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