I’ll Calm Down When She Shuts Up

I have had enough of Nancy Pelosi and the surrender caucus. Not only did the Democrats have to bribe part of their party to support the latest Iraq funding resolution, but Nancy Pelosi is acting more like nanny Pelosi, treating the President like a child, telling him to clam down. This is, in case the Democrats need reminding, a WAR, and it is not the place to be attaching so much pork to a bill that even the terrorists are cringing.

If you listen to the media, you’ll notice significantly less coverage on Iraq. Why? Because the Iraq deaths and injuries have been dropping for three and two months, respectively. I heard that CBS has been running Al Gore footage where they would normally run Iraq coverage. Anyway, Iraq is improving, and deaths among military personnel are dropping, even as more soldiers go to Iraq. Nanny..oops…I mean Nancy Pelosi needs to shut up, and give the strategy time to work. Two of the main purposes of the government are to protect the U.S. and to protect our interests abroad. Neither of these are being done when Congress gives the terrorists a timetable to wait us out. The surge is working, and the Democrats need to send the President a bill he can sign. Leave the bacon for the next bi-partisan breakfast.


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